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Besides wine and beer, Vuorenmaja also offers non-alcoholic drinks. In our selection you will find the soft drinks and the mineral water of Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas, coffee from Pirkanmaan Paahtimo and a tea selection from various producers. The European speciality on our list, the grape juice "Traubensaft", that is produced by our partner winery on the river Nahe in Germany. Unlike wine this delicious drink can be bought home as a souvenir.

We also sell the Sammallammas products that are handmade from Finnish sheep wool by the local felt expert Eija Pirttilahti.

The parent company of Wine Tavern Vuorenmaja, Finventura Oy, is a tour operator specialized in organizing travels to Germany and Switzerland. Finventura also offers interpretation and translation services for companies and individuals.

Finventura Oy
Rajavuorentie 142
42850 Pohjaslahti

Tel. +358(0)50 650 48
Email. sales@finventura.fi

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