Group menus

Outside the normal opening hours during summer and also off-season, Vuorenmaja is open for groups of 10-35 people. The facilities are great for small parties, meetings and other events.

Inside, the large room has seats for 35 people and the fireplace room for 6 people. During the summertime the surrounding front and back terrace offer seats for 80 people.

Here below you will find the menus that are designed especially for groups. We kindly ask you to choose the same menu for the whole group and inform us in time about all allergies, special diets and other special wishes concerning the food and the event.

Our wine tasting menus for groups can be found here.

Vuorenmaja Swiss Menu

Glass of sparkling wine as a toast


Appertizer plate
   Marinated zander with Finnish Archipelago Bread
   Cold smoked salmon
   Elk meatballs
   Wild mushroom salad
   Väinö white mould cheese
   Tête de Moine cheese


Options for the main course:

Flammkuchen Traditional, Vegi or Nordic
Central European´s response to pizza - thin dough base (without yeast), sour cream sauce and topping.

Traditional cheesefondue
Vuorenmaja cheesefondue is homemade by using cheese blend and dry white wine. Fondue is served
with pieces of French-style country bread which were dipped into the hot melted cheese.

Everyone cooks his own meat (beef, pork and chicken about 200 grams/person) in a hot oil pot
(alternatively in beef stock) in the middle of the table. Fondue is served with French fries, 5 different
kinds of sauces, pickled vegetables and canned fruits.

Raclette cheese is melted by using electric raclette grill. The cheese is served to the tables with potatoes,
bacon, small sausages, onions, garlic, champignons, pickled onions, cornichons, asparagus and cherry tomatoes.



Cup of coffee or tea with Swiss chocolate

The prices per person (minimum of 10 people)
when the main course is:

Flammkuchen     30€
Cheese fondue   36€
Meat fondue      46€
Raclette              40€

Flammkuchen Festival

Flammkuchen (tarte flambée) is Central European´s response to pizza - thin dough base (without yeast), sour cream and topping. This menu includes three different kinds of flammkuchen: traditional (red onions and smoked bacon), vegi (red onions, olives, feta cheese) and nordic (cold smoked salmon, dill). They are cut into eight pieces and served per table to share. Flammkuchen is an excellent choice with white wine - especially with Riesling!

Glass of sparkling wine as a toast


Choices for apperatizer:
Rocket-tomato-parmesan salat
Cantaloupe melon with Prosciutto
Winter salat with fried champignons and bacon


Variety of flammkuchen served per table

Price 19.50€ per person

Desserts that can be added to all menus

Double chocolate mousse
Riesling cream
Crème brûlée                        à 7.50€
Small cheese platter              à 9.50€


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