Vuorenmaja´s menu has a strong Central European touch. The Swiss delicacies Raclette and Fondue are only available if ordered 2-3 days in advance for a minimum of 4 people. This menu is always available during the opening hours. We use the tasty local products as much as possible by preparing our culinary journey to Central Europe. In combination with coffee and tea we offer a daily selection of homemade pastries and ice cream.

Central European response to pizza - thin dough base (without yeast), sour cream sauce and topping of your choice
smoked bacon and red onions  
Nordic cold smoked salmon and dill  
Italian    Prosciutto di Parma, cherry tomatoes and rocket salad  
Vuorenmaja bratwurst, red onions and alpine cheese  
red onions, olives and feta  
French zucchini, pear and blue cheese  
Finlandia minced meat of an elk, chanterelles and cranberries  
Espagnol chorizo, bell pepper, red onions and Manchego  
Dessert apple slices with cinnamon and sugar


  Gluten free base, additional toppings or gratinated with cheese + € 1.00  



Meat platter                                                                            
Air-dried ham and beef, salami, cooked ham and chorizo with cherry tomatoes
and cornichons. Served with bread and butter


Cheese platter
Local cheeses and best European cheeses; Manchego, Swiss Gold,
Tête de Moine, red rind cheese, white mould cheese and blue cheese.
Served with marmalade, pear, grapes and crackers


House platter
Selection of meat and cheeses; Emmentaler, Swiss Gold and red rind cheese with salami, cooked ham and air-dried beef. Served with cherry tomatoes, cornichons, bread and butter


Nordic platter
Cold smoked salmon, marinated zander, wild mushroom salad, smoked deer, elk meatballs and SahtiVilho-Cheese with berry jam. Served with rye bread and butter

Seasonal vegetable soup with bread

100-grams original German pretzel, which are filled by order

Ham, salami or cheese      
Prosciutto di Parma, Bresaola, cold smoked salmon or white mould cheese 6.00
ICE CREAM (125ML)                    

SWISS CUISINE    (Only in advance, minimum 4 people)

Raclette is a very common dinner in Switzerland but also in the French and Austrian Alps.
Originally it was created by Swiss herdmen, who used to melt cheese on campfire
and eat it with bread or potatoes. Nowadays we use the electric raclette grill.

Vuorenmaja Raclette cheese is served with  potatoes, bacon, small sausages, onions,
garlic, champignons, pickled onions, cornichons, asparagus and cherry tomatoes.


Fondue is a dish, which main ingredient is hot melted cheese. Originally the dish is
from the French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Savoy. It is traditionally eaten by
dipping pieces of bread into the hot cheese. 

Vuorenmaja cheesefondue is homemade by using cheese blend and dry white wine.
Fondue is served with French-style country bread and black tea if you wish.


Fondue bourguignonne
Everyone boils their own pieces of meat (beef, pork and chicken about 200grams/person) in
a hot oil pot in the middle of the table. This fondue is served with French fries, 5 different
kinds of sauces, pickled vegetables and canned fruits.


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